Wet Surf Co.

Your Local NJ Surf Shop

Trucker Hats

100% Wet Surf Co. Embroidered .

High Quality, 100% Different

Nothing is as Wet as Us.

Vintage Washed Hats

Leather Strap, relaxed fit, always Wet.

Wet Surf Co.

Have you ever had an idea or concept come about, but no idea how to go about it and explore the full potential of it?

Well, thats what happened with us. One day we sort of grew tired of constantly wearing the same brand, repping someone else's idea and creativity, and matching with likeminded people. We created Wet Surf Co. to be different from everybody else. Since we are so small our merchandise is one of a kind with limited stock available. We want to give our customer base a different view of how clothing isn't supposed conform to the basic view of society. Usually the word 'wet' is only used when submerged or covered with water. But at Wet Surf Co., you'll always be Wet.

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